Guggenheim Helsinki

Information, a constantly re-ordering array of knowledge, takes physical form as a parametric assortment of data materializes: a reflection on the contemporary world. Our seemingly steady physical world coexists with the shuffling of data that embodies the contemporary life. The design proposal “WOVEN” takes cues from the above concept which is inherent of contemporary art and museums. The design intention, therefore, is to create a design which, at one hypothetical state, could have limitless combinations of structure, styles, and qualities. The resulting design with its array of floating boxes and crisscrossing fabrics depicts a soft and almost fragile presence uncommon to large-scale urban buildings. This soft quality, rather than creating a solid singular entity, offers a permeable and vibrant engagement with the city of Helsinki.

A seemingly random arrangement of box-like buildings above a building base creates a network of interwoven spaces, resulting in a constant changing perception of scale, orientation, texture and function. Visitors of this waterfront park could freely explore and edit their own path weaving through islands of shapes and materials in different levels seeing inside of galleries and surrounding scenery. The woven structure serves multiple functions by holding the gallery buildings in place, creating dynamic lighting and spatial experience, and providing a background for potential media events such as projection mapping or movie festival, serving as banners or carrying special patterns related to an exhibition. Light and kinetic composition of the woven structure will add a festivity to the museum.

Year: 2014

Category: architecture

Status: Built

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Photo Credit: noiz