Glorious Jewel Exhibition 2018

The exhibition is called 'Precious One' because it is about rare estate jewelry, genuine antique furniture, and poetic photography. It is conducted within MoNTUE, where provides sufficient natural light. Unraveled the analogy of jewelry display as an intimate art fair. Aimed at becoming a creative catalyst for client's corporate, the continuous exhibition hall abides by classic orthogonality of traditional distribution space, but the interlaced display box and antique furniture treated sophisticated concerning proportion and position within this framework transform the area into the contemporary art form.
The exhibition, in three compartments, entrance, main hall, niche, reified jewelry appreciation with various form and lighting. In entrance, subtle curve wall and midnight blue prepare visitors with calm and intriguing ambiance. In the main exhibition hall, diverse range of antiques in accordance with the various size of display boxes adds to a rhythm under a rich natural light. In niche, a further layer is created by dark finishes, low ceiling, and spotlight to show apparent contrast with adjacent space. The exhibition accentuates jewelry display to move forward while honoring natural, art, and historical references that break away from past and inspires future.   

Year: 2018

Category: exhibition

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: MoNTUE