Hermes 2018 A/W window display

noiz desiged 6 stores window display for Taiwan Maison Hermès.The seasonal theme of Hermes for 2018 is “A VOUS DE JOUER! (LET’S PLAY!)”. We what if imagine the vibrant and pleasant forest that the animals play scattering and scattering leaves in the winter in the winter from this theme and worked on the design.
In each window, we reconsidered the elements that make up the winter landscape. The elements that make up the landscape in winter, the shadow of light contained in the cold-covered landscape, the shine, the color of winter and so on. We tried to express the beautiful-form of the inside of nature by using recycled paper that was rolled up and folded.The scene that small animals made of knitting move through swing and rope evoke the memory of the playful time when we were children. We named the title of this design "Playing in the Forest".

Year: 2018

Category: installation

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: A Pixel Studio