Hermes Taiwan 2015 S/S Window Display

Taipei, 1999, between the Song­shou road and Shi­fu road, a little green boy walk his first step. A second later, a Flâneur cross the street and fall in love with this green boy. A long seductive journey began, when every stroller of Taipei has followed this icon named Xiaoluren. Day after day, the inhabitant of Taipei has pursued the Xiaoluren in every street, every place of the city before following him in the all country. Today the Xiaoluren is an icon of the urban strolling in Taipei.
In the Narrative of this installation, the Mise­en­scène place the Xiaoluren as a disruptive character of a peaceful Flânerie. If we always watch the green boy in front of us, we never pay attention at the one next to us. Today, this one has decided to interrupt your promenade! He will stole your bags, take your tie, watch your hat or even seduce your fiancée by offering her some flower. We invite the Hermes curious to watch the scene as it would be himself disturbed by the Xiaoluren, and perhaps create new urban legend around this modern icon of the Flânerie.

Year: 2015

Category: installation

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: Kyle Yu