Hirakawacho Building

We planned Small collective housing in a corner of central Tokyo. Four dwelling units and a store are included in this building. A solid concrete wall to block the surrounding noiz is reconstructed with a curved surface that is scooped horizontally with spoons.
In general, by extruding the beams coming out inside and including it in the wavy curved surface, not only the limited internal space is maximized but also the differentiated elements of wall and beam are integrated Handling, The unevenness was intended to appear on the facade as a positive factor. Openings of random size on this undulating wall surface, and purposely loses the sense of the scale of the building, aiming to become a landmark on the corner of the street. The topmost maisonette contains the client's dwelling units. In contrast to the rough texture of the concrete, the interior is minimal space for decorating the work of a young artist who is a collection of clients.

Year: 2018

Category: architecture

Status: Proposal

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Collaborator: Structural Planning:Mitsuhiro Kaneda / Structural Design:TECTNICA INC.、Cosmos structural design studio

Photo Credit: noiz