Hyper ICC for Special Exhibition, “The Museum in the Multi-layered World”

Hyper ICC presents a new approach to the design of architectural experiences in the virtual realm. It is a part of the special exhibition: “The Museum in the Multi-layered World” organized by NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]. A block in Hatsudai where the ICC is located, was converted into a point cloud by the technology of a 3D scan. It was then reconstructed into ‘Virtual Hatsudai’ through a game engine. This virtual world consists of abstract points emerging within a boundary of the visitor’s visibility. The accompanying soundscape is three-dimensional with the sound recorded at the real site. The point cloud responds to the visitors’ movements interactively. These expressive tools aim to expand cognition of viewers and challenge their understanding of a virtual space.
Inside ‘Virtual Hatsudai’ stands ‘Hyper ICC’ - a “data-based building” that shows the history of the ICC. ‘Hyper ICC’ is a tower made of various boxes. Each box represents a different exhibition or an event organized by ICC from the early days of media art in the ‘90s until today. The tower varies in shape based on years and types of exhibitions chosen by the visitor. Visitors can transform into a bird to fly freely and get close to ‘Hyper ICC’. While exploring the building, they can access archives of chosen events by clicking on the boxes. Events can be recognized by a mapping of a poster of this event on every box. By merging a digital twin of the actual space with an expanded concept, based on data and description, we created a selection of new spatial experiences in a virtual realm.

[The Museum in the Multi-layered World] Online exhibition: 2021.1.16 [Sat] – 3.31 [Wed]

Year: 2021

Category: exhibition

Status: Completed

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Collaborator: Masatatsu Nakamura

Photo Credit: noiz


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Link: The Museum in the Multi-layered World