We participated in the "Jomon Open Source Project" hosted by the "Jomon Culture Propagation Supporters" based in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. This is a project to promote a broader usage of the “JOMON-DOKI,” a symbol of the Jomon Period by converting it into 3D data via high-resolution scanning.
We first focused on the string-like structure which is the fundamental attribute of the "JOMON-DOKI", and extracted the string-like linear data from the polygon data. We then, created an aggregated shape similar to frog eggs or coral using an Algorithm, which distributed pomegranate cells around the 'string input' in a 3-Dimensional. We placed these rendering in the city image. As a result, apartment houses like fungi were completed. From "Experiment and Research" by the combination of algorithm and 3D data, a form inheriting the history and spirit of Jomon was created.

Kaen doki.stl
By 九州国立博物館、大塚オーミ陶業株式会社、長岡市 - 新潟県長岡市, CC0, Link

Year: 2018

Category: unsorted

Status: Built

Photo Credit: noiz