Materializing Exhibition “Linier Imput 3D-Voronoi Structure”

It is an experimental work that output a program created by noiz at the materializing exhibition held at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013. We aim to present "a new natural form", which makes it possible to generate several different forms from one programming with different input patterns. We were particular about how to materialize uniformity and lightness unique to the data, the boundary ambiguity as a whole, and chose the way laser cutting of triaxial woven fabric made of polyester, laminating with styrofoam sandwiched between them. As a result, a strong and delicate mysterious nuance was born that was like mass or sponge. When shifting from a small scale to a large scale, we are planning to output what is deformed purposely in the interplay between physical properties and hardness, and to utilize that behavior in developing images of future manufacturing.

Year: 2013

Category: installation

Status: Built

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Photo Credit: noiz