DNP Milan Design Week “PATTERNS AS TIME”

──Patterns of Nature── In nature, an infinite number of patterns exists.Each pattern is an expression of manifold evolution that occurred in unique environments.For instance, the stripe pattern on zebras is an evolutionary adaptation that help camouflage shapes of each body then confuse predators. Patterns can be generated time and time again to serve multiple functions in various scales. In the ocean, many living creatures still exist with primitive morphology. It is common for a number of them to change colors and patterns on their bodies, as easy as they breath, sometimes for pursuing a mate, other times for protect themselves. As such, nature spins a web of diverse relationships in forms of "pattern", which surpass time and scale.

The exhibited work by noiz enlivens the unique quality as flexibility, programmability, and non-luminescence texture of the electronic paper. The work enriches the special quality of a wide array of patterns appears in nature. The Zebra Chair, which features the Turing Pattern, emerges out of the patterns then sometime melts into the background. Similarly, the Jellyfish Stool, also built using the electronic paper, changes colors gradually as if a group of sea creatures is slowly breathing. The realm of nature is full of patterns, one could say that all biological activities are some sort of patterns.

Year: 2019

Category: exhibition

Status: Completed

Location: Milan, Italy

Collaborator: design: AtMa inc. / lighting Design:Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office

Photo Credit: Daici Ano

Link: DNP Official Website