Aesthetic Education Award 2015

Noiz Architects was commissioned by the MoNTUE (Museum of National Taipei University of Education) in Taipei to design an educational exhibition on the topic of Aesthetics. As the exhibition aims for junior-high school and high school students as its main audience, Noiz made the design colorful and dynamic.
The exhibition was organized along six core values of visual perception- proportion, color, texture, composition, and structure. In order to make a strong first impression, Noiz designed the Chinese texts of each core value as over-sized 3D object by extruding each character. Visitors are greeted by these three dimensional Chinese texts at the entrance which not only clarifies the main topics of the exhibition at once, but also gives a surreal feeling of leading the audience into a three-dimensional game space.
The design of each exhibition area follows this dynamic characteristic with more than usual amount of variation in exhibition stand sizes and heights. In certain areas, Colorful tapes on the floor helped to guide exhibition visitors. A mix of intentionally bold yet simple design helped to weave together the exhibition.

Year: 2015

Category: exhibition

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: MoNTUE