Humble House Hotel Roofscape

noiz designed a rooftop recreational space for a newly opened hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. Organic patterns of plant/mound are laid out on the open wooden deck on the rooftop level, looking over the biggest shopping area and the famous Taipei 101 tower.
The swimming pool pattern is created as "reaction diffusion" system, to associate the pool to variety of natural water-related phenomenon, such as reflection pattern in shallow water, brain coral, sand pattern after wave wash-out and so on, to create a new “urban beach” in the middle of the city. Simple boxes containing shower and reception, and benches are also part of the overall roofscape design. A uniquely shaped bench-planter complex is situated in the middle of the deck. The bench seating made out of uniquely formed twisted massing is supported by randomly placed thin steel rods, as if the solid massing has no weight.
The swimming pool would be lit at night to accentuate the rooftop as a symbol of the hotel, which is seen from surrounding buildings soaring above, including the 101-facing premier rooms of its own.

Year: 2013

Category: architecture

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: Kyle Yu