Gallery in Nangang

Noiz designed a private gallery in a former Taipei apartment. space is divided in two, the gallery and the living room. The boundary between those 2 spaces was designed to appear as a sharp cut. The client is an avid collector of contemporary art. "A space to enjoy art in the everyday life", "Free expression not bound by tradition". We had to design with these discordant demands from clients.

The main gallery space is a minimalist white box. To go beyond the traditional wall display we designed a removable pivot frame standing from floor to ceiling. This frame which seems to be floating can display artwork in any place and in any direction. We designed a unique display, unlike the traditional "hanging on the wall" one, and generated a space that allows a different approach to art with many different points of view on artworks. The relationship between spectator and art piece is not single anymore but plural. The pivot points of the frames are placed on a Delaunay triangulation. Frames can be moved easily and adjusted to any angle. Therefore, the relationship between artworks and viewers can always be adjusted to the client's sensitivity and the space adjusted to his collection.

On the other side of the cutting surface, facing the gallery is the lounge. It is a space with a dense sense of materiality and essence of decorative style to contrast with the minimalist gallery. Decorative elements reveal their normally unseen profiles to emphasize the cutting surface.

Year: 2018

Category: architecture

Status: Built

Location: Taipei,Taiwan

Photo Credit: A Pixel Studio