Peng Wei Exhibition 2015

We designed an exhibition space for Peng Wei, who is a leading figure of contemporary Chinese art. Our design is intended to capture and enhance intricate materiality and details, as well as contemporariness of her work by providing a perfect environment - white, weightless and evenly-lit space. Exhibition space is configured echoing various scales of her art works. Entry path (Section A) features rock landscape paintings displayed on randomly placed triangular columns, offering a dynamic viewing experience. Her silk shoe series are installed at the end of the corridor, with its delicate colors and textures highlighted by the lighting wall behind. Consequently viewers are lead into an open exhibition space (Section B) where an array of super-long display tables with triangular section is placed, as a metaphor a wavy surface of water when an ancient traveler crossed the river. Here roll paintings are displayed on the tables, and fan works are displayed on the wall, along with a special piece symbolically framed and hung from the ceiling. The last part (Section C) is an intimate space featuring her shoe painting series. As the exhibition title suggests, her art work revolves around the concept of a travel, and we envision our spatial design as a traveling experience transcending time, scale and place echoing the essence of her art.

Year: 2016

Category: exhibition

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: Tina Keng Gallery