Design proposal for a bridge near the estuary of Shimotsu-river district, Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi prefecture facing Shimotsu Bay. This district faces Shimotsu-river Bay and is surrounded by the Ria-coast. and, Looking at the distance, the scenery that the mountain ranges spread like folds spreads out together. The shape of the bridge has a shape like a pleat made by passing thread through the fabric. In the floorboard, triangular units of precast concrete are connected continuously. By applying CNC curved surface processing technology, it is possible to customize the height etc. for each part. We aimed at a bridge that allows us to experience land-specific terrain on a more familiar scale by connecting the two banks with a smooth flow line containing several hangouts.

Year: 2015

Category: unsorted

Status: Built

Location: Miyagi, Japan

Collaborator: Motoi MASUBUCHI

Photo Credit: noiz