ROI Showroom

This is a renovation Project that turning a small 3 stories house into a showroom and workshop for a fashion brand. By covering the existing façade with a newly draped aluminum facade, the new appearance has been rebuilt to a rhythmic surface like a dress draping.
In the shop interior, classical French style is covering the walls. To emphasize the display area in this small space we designed a metal display tool that is removable and also functions as a hanger, showcase, and shelf. This modular system allows multiple functional possibilities and graphical patterns. In this bleached classical style space highlighted by this specular finish three-dimensional lattice pattern, We received inspiration from the brand image that combines classic and modern, flatness and stereoscopic, abstract and texture, and expressed a worldview that flickers between ambiguities.

Year: 2018

Category: architecture

Status: Built

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Collaborator: Constructor:JAPAN Arks Corporation, Kaigiken

Photo Credit: Yasuhiro Takagi