BRIDGE TERMINAL is Sony’s community space on the 24th floor of the Sony City Osaki building. It is planned and now managed by volunteer employees who are from various departments of the company.
The concept of the TERMINAL represents a network of communications. The design language takes cue from the dynamic network of Haneda airport / JR Osaki railroads visible from the Bridge Terminal’s expansive windows. We intended to add some irregularity into office for inspiring extraordinary communication or events by letting this space switch to a runway, a sport watching cafe bar or a gymnasium and so on flexibly. We also designed the MAKER’S ROOM for digital fabrications and experiments, add the TEST ROOM for testing Sony products and services. Furniture were designed to carry a simple look, while each of them could extend and move to ensure creative variations of the spatial layouts.

Year: 2016

Category: interior

Status: Built

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Photo Credit: 高木康広