Su Xiaobai Exhibition

noiz designed exhibition space for Su Xiaobai solo exhibition held at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. The Exhibition's title " 無時無刻 ーThere is nothing I can do" is means the long age required for maturing a series of processes such as in creation. and It also contains of the material characteristics of "Lacquer" which is a representative painting material in the work.
In this exhibition, by zoning the contrast and rhythm between alternating spaces, from very large to narrow, from open to closed, let visitors discover the space, nonlinear freedom in the flow line. In this exhibition, by arranging open spaces and narrow spaces alternately and adjusting the rhythm and contrast of the space, we gave the track a nonlinear movement of freedom. As for lighting-plan, Lighting in such a way that it will be pointing the artworks while the rest of the space is dipped into darkness. So, the spectacular can obviously enjoy the color nuances of the artworks and not be bothered by the ambience.

Year: 2018

Category: unsorted

Status: Built

Location: Kobe, Hyogo

Collaborator: Constructor:FUSHIMI KOHGEI