The entrance hall of KABUTO ONE, an office building constructed as the central facility of the Nihonbashi Kabutocho / Kayabacho district revitalization project led by HEIWA REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. is designed noiz was in charge of planning, proposal, and hardware design for The HEART.

The HEART is the world's largest movable three-dimensional LED display suspended from the ceiling of a large atrium space. Its presence as a huge object disproportionately large for an office entrance space, its irregular and silent rotation, and its conspicuous visibility not only from inside the entrance hall but also through glass from Eitai-dori and Heisei-dori, where KABUTO ONE faces, make it a clear departure from conventional indoor displays. It is planned as a dynamic display that is distinctively different.

noiz was in charge of planning the overall structure, form design, and rotation, Abstract Engine designed and implemented the content, displays, and systems, and Nomura CO., LTD.

The 3D LED display, 6m wide, 3m deep, and 5.5m high, is divided into four volumes of random width, and while all are normally aligned, each level rotates irregularly to display real-time stock prices, Kabuto-cho history, news, and other information. It serves as a display. When fixed, it also functions as an event display and can be used for a variety of events that integrate video and space, such as satellite venues for listing events at the nearby Tokyo Stock Exchange or press conferences. The colors of the display change from moment to moment in response to rising or falling stock prices, and when combined with the extraordinary scale of the rotating giant floating volume, it evokes a strange sensation of straddling diverse worlds, such as reality and unreality, information and matter, as if it were part of the world of science fiction.

The name "The HEART" is an expression of the desire to remain the center of the information and movement transmitted from here, pulsating like a pulse, to the entire Kabuto-cho area and eventually to the Japanese economy and the world, and to keep finance, the blood of the economy, moving from here.

Underneath the revolving axis of "The HEART" is a red stone, a lucky charm that was cherished by Eiichi Shibusawa, the father of Japanese finance, and is placed in a way that visitors can actually touch it as a symbol of KABUTO ONE and the history and philosophy of Kabuto-cho. The HEART is a symbol of the new Kabuto-cho and the Japanese financial world, not only for its newness, history, and accumulation, but also for its openness as a public space that transcends the function of a single building entrance.

Year: 2021

Category: installation

Status: Completed

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Photo Credit: Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Link: Good Design Award