unnamed AR

During last autumn, we were commissioned to design the feature installation "unnamed-form emerges only sometimes, so does meanings" of the prestigious Tokyo Midtown "DESIGN TOUCH 2021" event. In its fourteenth year, the event experienced unprecedented circumstances with high numbers of covid cases in Tokyo. Social distancing and related restrictions led us to design a set of installations that conjured playful movements and visual discoveries from the visitors without any need to touch objects on site.
Following the end of the event, we have now created an AR (Augmented Reality) model from the 3D data used to produce the installation. Even as the event is over, you can still bring up the installation right in front of you at any location and any given moment.

There are two different scales of AR model: the full-scale model and the 1/20-scale model. You can show up the full-scale model in your house, a school, and a park to look around and see the different shapes of the panels from every angle. The floating two wireframe boxes indicate the viewpoints where you can see the object as a particular silhouette. We think this is a unique implementation if the AR model could give us a quite new experience of interaction between the moving of people and the appearance of architecture.

For the 1/20-scale model, at a smaller size, it could be brought out on your desk or in your room. Digital technology frees us not only from time and place but also from the scale so that you can enjoy the miniature size model as you want.

Beyond experiencing artworks, AR and VR models could bring about much more possibilities in design, construction, editing, and usage for architecture. While this AR model is based on a small project. We hope the users could feel the tremendous possibilities in the AR model experiences.

* You can use the Web-AR from the Link.

Year: 2022

Category: installation

Status: Completed

Photo Credit: NOIZ

Link: unnamed AR