1% Showroom

This is a renovation/interior design project for a 37m2 showroom for a women’ fashion brand “1%” by Shuhei Ogawa, located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
We choose cool colors for the interior to create a clear contrast with the bright color palette of women’s clothing. The pipe chandelier, hung from the center, illuminates the space effectively, while adding a bright accent color in the neutral setting.
The main wall, partition walls and a stage are all composed of concrete block. The joint mortar is spread thinly to create a blurred grid pattern on the surface, creating a gentle and feminine texture on the rough and masculine concrete block surface. Other elements are painted pale blue, which is the signature color of 1%. The floor is coated with epoxy resin, creating a reflection as if the space is filled with water.
In order to define a spatial division between the showroom and the neighboring brand shop, we divided the bottom of the beam along the centerline and painted the half part on the showroom side pale purple. Also blue glass partition wall is inserted at the centerline, creating a delicate spatial division defined by beautiful colors.

Year: 2014

Category: interior

Status: Built

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Photo Credit: Daici Ano