Rui-An Apartment

This is an apartment interior renovation project in Taipei. The client wanted to have intimate but open space. Intimacy of each space was the key. noiz tried to create different scale/texture of capsules, or small rooms, or elements, here and there, represented by different materials.

The main living has two large coves on the ceiling, which loosely define a functional “rooms” under each. Each cove is unproportionally deep and smooth, so you can sense a vertical continuity of the space and feeling of somewhat floating, so relatively low ceiling of the original building can be diffused. The main wall along the living space is all specially cast PC, with particular cutout of old and treated furniture, or a cast negative form of old furniture. The raw materiality of the concrete panels, as well as vivid texture of those positive/negative furniture along the wall brings in a touch of delicacy and sense of aging to the newly renovated apartment.

Right adjacent to the living space is a sliding door wall and a small compartment of a study. This room is specially designed as an intimate space for work and meditation, where you can open up to connect to the living and also isolated while having a lot of natural lights coming through. The pattern on the doors is digitally created so there can be an illusion that the small “capsule” inflates from inside. Kids room has wall-cabinet with randomly inserted boxes, which can be removed and used as independent storing boxes. Small unit layout can offer a playful atmosphere and functional flexibility in the kid’s room.

Year: 2012

Category: interior

Status: Built

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photo Credit: Kyle Yu