We are an architectural,
interior and research firm.


多様な専門性や技術を持つ国際的なメンバーで構成されたチームで、NOIZ ならではの建築の新しい可能性を探求すること、さらには独自の視点と感性を通すことで、建築ならではの本質的な価値をあらためて掘り下げ、同時に社会的な合理性の獲得や環境負荷の低減に積極的な貢献を行うことを重視しています。


NOIZ is an architectural design firm based in Tokyo and Taipei, focusing on exploring the next generation of design and social value through the use of the latest digital technologies.

Composed of an international team of designers and engineers with diverse specializations and skills, NOIZ is dedicated to exploring new possibilities in architecture. Moreover, by offering a unique perspective and sensitivity, NOIZ aims to delve deeper into the intrinsic values fundamental to architecture. At the same time, NOIZ prioritizes making active contributions to acquiring social rationality and reducing environmental impacts.

Centered around architecture, NOIZ specializes in a broad spectrum of spatial design fields, including interior design, installations, exhibition design, product design, virtual space/architecture design, and the creation of interactive environments, encompassing both physical and digital realms. NOIZ operates across disciplines, from design and development to business consulting, in collaborations with a diverse array of designers, artists, and engineers, through the nature of architecture, or the ability of digital technologies.

We aspire to contribute to society through our practice and exploration, with various ways of collaboration. Our goal is to provide NOIZ's unique technologies and sensibilities for society not only in pioneering new ways of design but also in creating sustainable environments for the next generation.

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Company Profile

会社名 Company Name

株式会社ノイズ NOIZ Co., Ltd.

事業内容 Business content

建築の設計監理、企画、コンサルティング 内装デザイン設計監理 什器、プロダクトプロトタイプ、展示会場計画、インスタレーションのデザイン 建築、都市向けのxR領域における企画・コンサルティング Architecture design supervision, planning, consulting Interior design planning and supervision Furniture & Fixtures, product prototype, exhibition space planning, installation design Planning and consulting in the xR field for architecture and urban development

代表取締役 CEO

酒井 康介 Kosuke Sakai

創業 Founding

2007年 2007

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