Press Release

デザインしたプロジェクト「THE LIONS JOURNEY」がリリース!
[INFO]THE LIONS JOURNEY, a project envisioned and designed as a platform
for symbiotic habitation beyond human boundaries in 2050, is released!

「THE LIONS」は複数の「動く」居住拠点が、多様な生き方の出会いを生み出しながら、人間の枠を超えた共生的な居住のプラットフォームを提供し、場所や行き先、生き方が選択可能なネットワークを構成します。



THE LIONS” is a network of multiple “moving” residential centers that provide a platform for symbiotic living that transcends human boundaries, creating encounters between diverse ways of life and allowing people to choose where to go, where to go, and how to live.



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