[掲載情報] コンセプトブック『UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY 2020 Volume01』 [Publication] Concept Book "UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY 2020 Volume01

未来創造の技術としてのクリエイティビティを研究し、開発し、社会実験していく研究機関『UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY』(略称、UoC)より発行された、コンセプトブック『UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY 2020 Volume01』のCreativity x Technology in the Age of AI 内に、noizがサウンドアーティストの城一裕氏と協働し台北の大学の新築棟に恒久的に設置されたパブリックアート、”Flipmata”が紹介されています。

コンセプトブックはUoC のWEBサイトにて全篇無料で公開しており、ID登録すると後日全篇ダウンロード可能です。是非ご覧ください!!


The concept book “UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY 2020 Volume 01” published by UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY (UoC), a research institute for research, development and social experimentation of creativity as a technology for future creation. The concept book, “Creativity x Technology in the Age of AI,” published by the University of Creativity (UoC), introduces “Flipmata,” a public artwork that was permanently installed in a newly built university building in Taipei by noiz in collaboration with sound artist Kazuhiro Jo.

The concept book is available free of charge on the UoC website and can be downloaded in its entirety at a later date by registering for an ID. Please take a look!



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