[MEDIA] 2024年2月26日放送! 『Abema TV Abema Praime 万博「2億円トイレ」って何だ?値段の妥当性と批判の背景を維新幹事長に聞く』 [MEDIA] February 26, 2024! "Abema TV Abema Prime: What is the '200 Million Yen Toilet' at the Expo? Asking the Secretary-General of Ishin about the Reasonableness of the Price and the Background of the Criticism."

[MEDIA] 2024年2月26日放送!  Abema TV Abema Praime 『万博「2億円トイレ」って何だ?値段の妥当性と批判の背景を維新幹事長に聞く』に、豊田啓介が出演しました。



[Media] Keisuke Toyoda appears on AbemaTVAbemaPrime on February 26, 2024!
“What is the Expo “200 Million Yen Toilet”? Ask the Secretary General of the Restoration Association about the appropriateness of the price and the background of the criticism.”



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