Hermes 2017 A/W window display

エルメスの2017年のテーマは「Le sens de l’ objet ― オブジェに宿るもの」。noizは台湾の古い街並みでしばしば見かける景観〈屋上に積み重ねられた鳩小屋〉や、増築を繰り返し偶発的に出来上がった住居群といった、一見アンバランスに見えるもののなかに宿る「物体(オブジェ)の感覚」に注目し、このデザインに取り組みました。モチーフとして登場する鳩小屋やサーカスのように綱渡りをするブレスレット、不安定な状態の香水瓶といったオブジェがウインドウを演出します。物体がオフバランスな環境にあることの危うさや、通常ではありえない、アンバランスな状況に置かれることでかえって浮き彫りとなるオブジェと重力、そして空間との関係性に着目しこのウインドウのデザインタイトルを「Balancing Object」としています。

In Taiwan, it is typical for people to build roof top additions for all kinds of purposes, including leisurely ones like raising pigeons. We liked the apparent spontaneity of the ad hoc constructions, as well as the delicate feeling that it conveys. This is the “Object Sense” that we strive for in this season. By being in the state of improbable balance, it brings to attention the qualities inherent in Hermes products, imbuing them with character. Off balance and Unbalance.With various compositions, we tried to set up opportunities to showcase the various characteristics of the Hermes object – from the playfulness and twirly/light quality of the Twilly scarf and parfum, to showcasing the rich variety of patterns in the Balcon du Guadalquivir tableware set in a house of dishes as Hermes products. All these compositions are set against a backdrop of houses and cages, stacked in a seemingly adhoc manner, much like the rooftop additions of Taiwan. We named this window design“Balancing Objects”.

Project Name

Hermes 2017 A/W window display


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    Exhibition, Display, Installation

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    台北, 台湾 Taipei, Taiwan

  • Photo Credit

    Kyle Yu

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