Hermes 2018 S/S window display


This season the main symbol of Hermes “A House of Play” brought us an inspiration to “Horseplay”, We were wondering what if imagine horse full of play and freedom, roaming among the blossoming fields and enjoying a summer life. Our summer is a champagne’s bubble on the tongue, fresh and full of romantic feelings. That is how we define our color palette and our playful horse. But summer is also a time of summer festivals and fairs, their motives we can see in elements of games which try the horse like pins and hoops.
We intended to fulfill the displays by many hovering objects and this gesture supposed to represent the ephemerality and transience of life, so we wanted to catch the moment of summer joy and bring it to our spectators. With various compositions, we tried to set up opportunities to play with Hermes object from the playfulness and light quality silk scarves. Hermes products were integrated into the playful environment as they are the elements which also bring you to the fashion play and give you unforgettable summer feelings and charm.

Project Name

Hermes 2018 S/S window display


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  • Category

    Exhibition, Display, Installation

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  • Location

    台北, 台湾 Taipei, Taiwan

  • Photo Credit

    Kyle Yu

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