NOIZのデザインによるThe HEARTが設置されているKABUTO ONE、そのロビー空間に設置されたパブリックファニチャーもNOIZがデザインを担当しました。


KABUTO ONEは単独のオフィスビルというだけでなく、兜町全体の顔として、日本金融界のハブとして、新しい開かれた金融界のシンボルとしての機能が求められています。永代通りと平成通りの交差点に対してできるだけ開かれてアクセスのしやすい空間、街の広場のような場所として機能するように、できるだけ多様な使い方を誘発する家具にしたいと考えました。


同時にKABUTO ONEのロビーは、The HEARTとも連動した新規上場イベントや記者会見、ピッチイベントなどにも使えるスペースとして、または災害時の帰宅困難者向けの一次避難場所としても機能することが求められており、家具は固定型ではなく、多様な場面に機敏に対応できることがデザインの条件となっています。ロビーのすぐ横にはフードコートがあり、街の広場としてちょっとした滞在や飲食、カジュアルな打ち合わせなどにも対応できるよう、だれでも気軽に配置が変更可能で、かつベンチとしても机としてもカウンターとしても、多様な使い方ができる、引き出し型の入れ子状の家具をデザインしました。




引き出したり下り畳んだり、日々使い方によってグラデーショナルな構成が動的に変化し、刻々と表情を変える四角い箱という点でも、すぐ横にあるThe HEARTとも連動しながら、街のパブリックスペースとして、KABUTO ONEがこれまでにないアイデンティティを獲得する一助となることを企図しました。

KABUTO ONE, where The HEART designed by noiz is installed, and the public furniture in its lobby space were also designed by NOIZ.


KABUTO ONE is not only a stand-alone office building, but is also required to function as the face of Kabutocho as a whole, as a hub of the Japanese financial world, and as a symbol of the new open financial world. We wanted to create a space that is as open and accessible as possible to the intersection of Eitai-dori and Heisei-dori, a space that functions as a kind of town square, and furniture that induces as many different uses as possible.


At the same time, the lobby of KABUTO ONE is required to function as a space that can be used for new listing events, press conferences, and pitch events in conjunction with The HEART, as well as a primary evacuation site for people who have difficulty returning home in the event of a disaster. The design requirements are such that the building can be used for a variety of purposes. The food court is located right next to the lobby, and the furniture is designed in the form of nested drawers that can be easily rearranged by anyone and can be used in a variety of ways, such as as benches, desks, and counters, to accommodate casual meetings, eating and drinking as well as a town square. The new product is a “new” product.


When folded up against a wall, it reveals a grayscale gradation of nested matryoshka-like cross sections, and when pulled out into the lobby, it functions as a series of staircase-like benches / desks. The space can be used in a variety of ways depending on how much or how little is pulled out, and can be easily moved in and out by a single person at any time. The design also addresses issues such as safety and security, which are unique to furniture installed in public spaces, through various innovations.

The gradational structure of this square box changes dynamically as it is pulled out, folded down, and used on a daily basis, and its expression changes from moment to moment. The project was intended to be a contribution to the development of the building.

Project Name

Matryoshka Furniture


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    Design Category, Lighting / Furniture

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    東京, 日本 Tokyo, Japan

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    平和不動産株式会社 HEIWA REAL ESTATE CO.,LTD.

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