“FIRE” at PLAY EARTH PARK, Tokyo Midtown

We designed the playground equipment for “PLAY EARTH PARK”, which was held at Tokyo Midtown Garden (sponsored by Goldwin Co., Ltd.). Each architects designed their own playground on the theme of the five elements : “Earth/Water/Wind/Sky/Fire”, and Noiz was in charge of “Fire”.

Focusing on the instinctive activity of watching at and burning flames, and making them bigger and bigger, we aimed to express the act of burning fire together as a form of play, and to create an experience of combustion and nurturing firewood.

Just like the bellows used in the manufacture of “Tatara” steel, when a child jumps on the trampoline, the air is sent through the central stainless-steel mesh, and it is inflated as if a “fire” burnt brightly. When three children jump on each trampoline at the same time, the fire ignites all at once, and the heat generated by the children playing and cooperating is converted into the energy of fire. We designed the instinctive impulse associated with “fire” and the activities of people who have cooperated and developed through “fire” as a game.

At first glance, the way the air is sent from the jumping movement shows an analog relationship, but a sensor is installed under the trampoline, and upon detecting the jump, it performs a digital conversion that sends air at the same time as the jump. Besides, the sound of the shutter opening and closing during the process of sending the air is synchronized with the jumps and gives a stronger sense of sending the air.

Physical sensations and experiences that are strengthened while being digitally supported will connect not only the activities that lead to the present through “fire”, but also the future that is one step ahead. The stainless-steel mesh that rises when you jump takes on an abstract appearance of “fire” with irregular shapes by reflecting the sunlight.

Through the play of “fire” which appeals to primitive experiences, we hope that this will be a great environment and opportunity to think about how we make our future better.

【PLAY EARTH PARK】 2022/4/23 (Sat) - 2022/5/29 (Sun), Tokyo Midtown and various places

Year: 2022

Category: installation

Status: Built

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Collaborator: Technical Team:PixelEngine, Tokyotokushukoka

Photo Credit: Takehiro Goto, Ichiro Mishima

Link: PLAY EARTH PARK website japanese