International Dye Craft Exhibition 2014


NOIZ was commissioned by Taiwan Design Center (TDC) to design an exhibition space for “Original Colors- Natural Colors in Contemporary Design” (7 October- 7 December 2014) at National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) in Nantou, Taiwan. The venue is NTCRI Permanent Collection Gallery renovated by Nendo, where the basement floor and the 1st floor are entirely allocated for the large exhibition.
In order to maximize rich textures, colors, lightness and materiality of naturally-dyed fabric, we intend to create a weightless and floating atmosphere where the texture, materiality and color alone are highlighted and floating in the dark exhibition space. All exhibited items are either hang from the ceiling or installed on discs suspended from the ceiling with slender cables. Rings of shadows in various sizes and shades softly illuminate the floor, contributing to the creation of a wondrous space without a sense of distance or a definite form.
Natural fabric dye is one of the most ancient craft techniques in the world, and we take inspiration from its wind-drying process of dyed fabric to express the primitive characteristics. Delicate fabric sways gently, responding to and visualizing subtle air flows caused by passers-by.
The traditional craft meets contemporary creativity of designers from the world in this exhibition. The exhibition items are hereby laid out as if drawing a world map on a grid pattern. Relations between exhibited works are woven into the intricate overall composition, which can be decoded like embedded information.

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International Dye Craft Exhibition 2014


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    Exhibition, Exhibition Design

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    南投, 台湾 Nantou, Taiwan

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    Kyle Yu

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