「EaR RECTURE」は2016年からnoiz EaRの活動の一環として行う、2ヶ月毎に建築、メディアアート、ファッション、プロダクトなど様々な分野のゲストを迎え、デジタル技術についての最先端の情報、ネットワークを提供し、かつ有意義な議論の場を設けるレクチャーシリーズ。

“EaR RECTURE” is a lecture series that has been conducted as part of the activities of noiz EaR since 2016. Every two months, guests from various fields such as architecture, media art, fashion, and product design are invited to provide cutting-edge information and networks on digital technology, while also creating a meaningful platform for discussions.

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EaR Lecture Series


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    Research/Concept, Education

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    In Progress

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    東京, 日本 Tokyo, Japan

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    EaR Recture

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