MUJI Template Exhibition Minimal Waste Interactive Template



We are attempting to propose a prototype for furniture that reimagines the concept of pattern making, aiming to develop an application that allows for the free customization of furniture shapes while simultaneously generating the corresponding templates automatically. This system is envisioned for the production of a diverse range of furniture items, each requiring a unique template, challenging the traditional notion where one product typically corresponds to one template.

The shape of the furniture can be easily and intuitively modified by anyone using online devices or similar interfaces. Up to five variations of furniture, ranging in size and shape, can be laid out efficiently on a single plywood sheet. The templates are not only saved as design blueprints but also as digital data for production purposes, enabling the cutting of required components from plywood simply by inputting the data into machining equipment. The joint shapes, where the components fit together, are designed to incorporate the traces left by the machining tool intentionally, adding character to the furniture.
The completed box-shaped furniture can be stacked as shelves, reconfigured as stools or coffee tables, or repurposed for various other uses, limited only by the user’s imagination.

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MUJI Template Exhibition “Minimal Waste Interactive Template”


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    Products, Exhibition, Furniture, Installation

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    東京, 日本 Tokyo, Japan

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