The project involves translating the unique patterns of BAOBAO’s continuous triangles into dynamic patterns and exhibiting them as animations on a flexible LED display. Beneath the flexible display, fans are installed to generate random winds in coordination with the visuals. When the wind blows, the display is lifted like a curtain, and simultaneously, the imagery within appears as if it’s being influenced by the wind, resembling leaves being blown away. Through this representation where information and matter, seemingly unrelated, interact directly, the exhibition aims to reexamine each entity’s existence and blur their boundaries. The exhibition fixture design and production were collaboratively done with Teppei Nomoto.

Project Name

BAOBAO Ginza 2016
Autumn Window Display


  • Year


  • Category

    Computational Design, Exhibition, Kinetic, Display, Installation

  • Status


  • Location

    東京, 日本 Tokyo, Japan

  • Photo Credit

    高木康広 Yasuhiro Takagi

  • Collaborator


    Teppei Nomoto

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